Water to Hydrogen Conversion System

The BoostBox H2 by HexFuel is the safest, most efficient, Hydrogen Assist Technology on the market today.

  • - Simple, Safe and Easy to install on ALL diesel engines, takes approximately three hours, and will NOT void your warranty
  • - Creates 99.9% pure H2 and O2 from DISTILLED water
  • - Utilizes a patented one-of-a-kind PEM Cell technology with NO chemical additives
  • - Requires NO maintenance. Just add DISTILLED water (about one gallon per thousand miles)
  • - There are NO modifications to the engine, sensors, or air/fuel or emissions computer settings


The expected fuel mileage increase is between 10% and 20% – setting a new level of fuel efficiency for the industry. Based on fuel usage alone, Return on Investment averages 11-13 months. The BoostBox H2 attains this unheard of level of efficiency by utilizing a one-of-a-kind “Hydrogen Proton Exchange” (PEM Cell) Technology that physically separates the two elements of water- Pure Hydrogen and Oxygen without ANY additional catalyst. The gases are then introduced into the air intake significantly improving fuel mileage and lowering emissions through improved combustion.


Less black soot (particulates), hydrocarbons and NOx in the exhaust stream significantly helps the environment. BoostBox H2 technology reduces carbon emissions between 20% and 50%, exceeding most emissions regulation in the market today.

*Emission testing was completed by a third party university outside of the State of California. NONE of the above emission statements have been verified or certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should this product be considered a certified emissions reduction device according to CARB regulations.



The hydrogen in the system extracted through the PEM Cell Electrolysis process acts as an accelerant to more completely burn the diesel fuel that’s available in the combustion chamber. The more complete burn of fuel increases the torque in the engine stroke. That translates into improved performance, allowing tractors to pull hills one to one and a half  gears higher than normal, depending on the load and grade.


By burning the fuel more efficiently, you have less residual going back into the engine, resulting in cleaner engine components like your oil system, pistons, heads, rings and injectors. If you have a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), fewer particulates going through your system results in longer filter life and reduces the frequency of the regeneration process (Automatic DPF purging process). Some customers have actually seen a change from having to stop for maintenance once or twice a day to once or twice a week!  Additionally, reduced NOx emissions will reduce the consumption of UREA (ammonia) in your SRC (Selective Catalytic Reduction) filter!

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